Hamilton: I cannot be disappointed by today


Lewis Hamilton is the only driver to have beaten Sebastian Vettel this year, and once again it was Hamilton who made Vettel sweat in Barcelona. Lap after lap, the McLaren driver was able to close on Vettel, but it was not enough for an overtaking manoeuvre.

In the end, victory was put out of reach with a couple of laps still to go, when his tyres began to show signs of wear and he also misbraked. But the 26-year-old Hamilton was still pleased: "I can't be disappointed by today."

The race did not get off to an auspicious start for the McLaren drivers. Lewis lost his third position as the race began, following the sensational start by local hero Fernando Alonso. Commenting on the early phase of the race, Hamilton said: "It was not the best of starts, but it was good." He also was not too unhappy about Ferrari getting away first, adding: "I was able to stick behind Red Bull, as they were held up by Alonso."

His four pit stops also went smoothly, allowing him to secure P2. In point of fact, Hamilton was able to gain a position after each of his first couple of stops. Hamilton described the decisive laps for us: "We had good speed during the race – not enough to get past the world champion, though – but he had great downforce on the turns, so it was impossible to get any closer and overtake."

The 2008 world champion was not unhappy with his final position, however, as he made clear: "It was great for me and Jenson to finish so far up the field and be in the points." As a result of today's result, he remains in second place in the drivers' championship on 77 points. Vettel is unchallenged at the top with 118.