Four-wheel majesties: Cars of the Royal Family


You don't get a much higher seal of approval than a royal one – and all of these cars have gained just that.

With Royal Wedding fever taking over the country, Autoblog thought it's a good time to delve into the archives and take a look at some of the wheels that have transported the Windrors around over the years. Here are some of our favourites...

Princess Anne and her Reliant Scimitar

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne loves the Scimitar so much she has owned no less than eight GTE models since 1970. She even visited the Reliant factory in 1975, arriving in her own model, much to the delight of the workers. It is believed she still owns and uses one now.

Prince Philip and his LPG MetroCab

LPG-fuelled cars may not have taken off quite like many expected they would, but that hasn't stopped the royals backing the alternative fuel. When on official engagements in London, HRH Prince Philip has been known to make the trip in an LPG-powered taxi. Makes sense, as it means he can use the bus lanes too...

The Queen and her Land Rover Defender

The trusty Defender is a long-standing favourite of The Queen. Perfect for tackling the tough terrain around Balmoral and Sandringham, the go-anywhere Land Rover is said to be one of the Queen's preferred modes of transport.

Audi's Royal Connection

One car brand intrinsically linked with the Royal Family is Audi. For more than a decade the manufacturer has supplied royals with privileged lease and ownership deals. Prince Charles and his household drive a fleet of Audis while Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton all own or lease one of the German cars. The maker is so well connected with the royals that Jon Zammett, head of PR for Audi, has even been invited to the Royal Wedding!

Prince Charles and his wine-powered Aston

Yes, you read that correctly, eco-friendly Prince Charles has converted the Aston Martin DB6 his mother bought him for his 21st birthday to run on bio-ethanol. The fuel is made from left-over wine from banquets at Clarence House or dinner parties at Highgrove, The Prince of Wales' Gloucestershire residence. Gives a new meaning to drink driving!

Princess Diana and her Mini Metro

Prior to her engagement to The Prince of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer owned a red W-reg Mini Metro. The car was bought as a present by Prince Charles while the couple were courting, after he took a shine to it during a visit to the Longbridge factory. The car is now on display at the Coventry Transport Museum.

Prince William and his VW Golf

The Prince has been spotted in a variety of cars from German marques Audi and Volkswagen over the years, but his first set of wheels was a trusty Golf. Bought for him by The Prince of Wales for his 17th birthday, the Prince was often seen at the wheel of the MK4 model.