Citroen pulls the wraps off latest DS in Shanghai


The Citroen DS line-up has gained its latest addition, with the family-saloon sized C5 the latest to get a premium equivalent.

The production version of the newest DS has been unveiled at the Shanghai motor show today, and it is a marked departure from the conventional C5 in terms of looks.

It is slightly smaller than the C5 as well, at 4.52m to the C5's 4.78m, but Citroen says it will still be able to take five fully grown adults. Its hatchback styling means it boasts a generous boot though, which at 465 litres is larger than the C5's.

The other styling cues tie the DS5 to the rest of the DS range, with a chrome-edged grille, an oversized air intake and large twin exhaust pipes at the rear.

It boasts a diesel hybrid engine that claims to be able to cut CO2 emissions to as low as 99g/km, which would be a class leading figure. Citroen also claims it will offer four-wheel drive capability and a 200bhp power output. It will provide an electric only mode for urban driving, but still have an accelerator boost function for when it heads out of town.

The interior features details such as a fine-grain leather upholstery, and a 'watchstrap' seat styling that has featured on other DS models.

The show car features a white paintjob, and 20-inch alloy wheels, although the standard car will only come with wheels between 16- and 19-inches in size.

It should go on sale in around twelve months time, in spring 2012, and will cost between £25,000 and £30,000.