Government to require MoT tests every two years?


The Government is considering having cars go through an MOT test every two years.

They recognise that the yearly MoT test, introduced in the sixties, may be a little outdated on modern vehicles with much improved safety and engine tech.
In the UK there are 19,000 garages authorised to carry out the MoT test – They may not welcome the news. Analyists have also suggested that reduced testing cold mean up to 30 more road deaths a year.

Three test options are being considered. First – Delay a car's first MoT until its fourth year, then MoT annually. Second – Again, delay the initial MoT until the car's fourth year, then test two years after that and then annually. Third – First test after fourth years, three MoT tests at two year intervals then annual tests. It's understood that the second option is the one that appeals most to decision makers.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond commented: "Car technology has come a long way since the 1960s, that's why we think its right to look again to check whether we still have the right balance of MOT testing for modern vehicles."