BMW to reveal new M5 in China


Consider your appetite whetted - BMW is set to reveal what it calls the Concept M5 at the Shanghai motor show next week.

Such BMW concepts are never far from the finished article, which makes this the latest generation of the iconic M5 in all but name.

A new bodykit and 20-inch rims distinguish the Concept M5 from the rest of the range, but it already strikes as rather discreet.

M Division purists might be upset at the presence of a twin turbo V8 under the long bonnet rather than the normally-aspirated V10 in the previous car, but BMW is already emphasising the high-revving nature of the unit to keep these fans on side.

The new engine is expected to have more power than the old V10, which produced an already impressive 500bhp. Early indications suggest as much as 550bhp.

There are no plans for an estate version of the hot 5 Series, which will disappoint some who considered it the strongest version of the M5.

The new car is expected to go on sale later this year and prices are yet to be confirmed.