Ford reveals updated Max Max Interceptor concepts


The Mad Max franchise is ingrained on our petrol-addled brains like coffee stains. The films' obsession with cars, power and oil fed our collective teenage imagination with post-apocalyptic wastelands, violent struggle and, of course, the Ford Falcon XB GT351 coupe-based Interceptor.

Well, Ford Australia, in conjunction with the local issue of Top Gear magazine, has rebooted the 'last of the V8s' for the 21st century with two new designs for the black-clad brawler.

Apparently the project was treated as an after hours assignment by a team of the firm's regional designers, some of whom were too young to actually remember the films.

That was rectified by a private screening (that should be obligatory for everyone employed to work in the automotive industry) and the group set to work cranking out a modern day interpretation of the nitro-fed Interceptor.

The resulting designs have now been whittled down to these two, by Nima Nourian and Simon Brook. The next stage will see Top Gear Australia's readers vote for a winner, which will then be turned into a scale model.

Unlike the original, the contemporary concepts get inbuilt weapons like an industrial strength taser and pop-out wheel spokes. Not exactly in keeping with the desolate theme of the films, but once you've gone beyond the Thunderdome, pretty much anything goes anyway.

Not that the designs are destined for the silver screen. Director George Miller has been trying to get 'Mad Max: Fury Road' off the ground for ages, and reputedly the cars have already been built.

We'd imagine those will stick far closer to the Falcon XB than Ford has done.