What are the best used cars for retirement?


Not everyone has got the luxury of being able to buy a new car when they reach retirement age – but investing in a new set of wheels is still sensible.

There are plenty of suitable cars on the used market for all budgets, but picking one that'll last and won't cause you too much grief is important.

Following our look at the some new retirement car options you might not have considered (What do you think makes a good retirement car?), here we pick cars to enjoy in your golden years in five different categories.

The Sensible Choice - Nissan Note (from £3,395)

Bought new, a Note can stack up a little on the expensive side compared to its rivals, but it certainly makes a decent choice as a used model. For under £3,500 you can pick up a low mileage (30k) model on a 55-plate. They're spacious inside, have sharp steering and the suspension makes for a comfortable ride. Nissans are reasonable to run, servicing costs are low and, if you treat it well, it will last for years to come.

The Boring Choice – Honda Jazz (from £999)

There's nothing wrong with the Honda Jazz. It's solid, dependable and does the job – but it's just a little bit boring. Think of it as the John Major of retirement car choices. However, if boring is what you want, the Jazz makes a decent case for itself. It's spacious, reliable and will hold its values well. The engines are efficient and its shape makes it eminently practical. Beware, though, the ride is a little firm and try to hunt down an SE trim.

The Wacky Choice – Skoda Roomster (from £3,785)

Depending on which side of the fence you sit you could replace 'wacky' with 'hideously disfigured'. However there are many that love the Roomster's 'unique' looks. If you're one of them you can enjoy an airy cabin, large boot and running costs that won't trouble your bank balance. It's pretty decent to drive and has a good choice of engines, including our preferred frugal diesels. There have been some complaints about cabin quality though, and we suggest you avoid base spec as it's poorly equipped.

The Former Executive Choice – BMW X3 (from £6,995)

If you've been used to hammering up and down the motorway in an executive car for your working life, you might want to opt for something with a bit of class for your retirement. The often-overlooked X3 is worth considering. Not only has it got the cache of a BMW badge, but it's stylish, has a great driving position and is actually rather practical. Being a BMW, it's good to drive, running costs are low for the brand and the engines are efficient too. We'd go for an xDrive20d.

The You Only Live Once Choice: Range Rover TDV8 (from £22,950)

You've worked hard all your life – retirement should be the time you treat yourself to a car you've always dreamed of owning. And there's no reason you shouldn't be doing it in style and comfort! The Range Rover is a five-star hotel on wheels and makes an attractive used purchase. There's loads of room for the family and your pets, it's super comfy, has the best driving position this side of an HGV and will look stately at the golf club. And with a brilliant TDV8 diesel your fuel bill won't be too bad either.