Video at Geneva: Peugeot debuts hybrid version of 908 sportscar


Peugeot proved that hybrid power wasn't just for road cars at the Geneva Motor Show, as they showed a diesel-hybrid version of their latest 908 racecar. Designed to comply with the latest endurance racing regulations, this car will play a major part in the French company's environmental strategy.

The hybrid system works by giving a short burst of electric power (60kw) for a few seconds. The recovered energy that is stored in lithium-ion batteries is then automatically released to the wheels under acceleration. What's really clever is the fact that this racecar can actually run on full electric power when in the pits.

Geneva Motor Show 2011

Geneva Motor Show 2011

Peugeot are building up to its first run at the official pre-Le Mans 24 hours test day in April. However, the new car will have its maiden track test at the end of this month. We will watch developments with interest.