Nissan teams up with British Gas for Leaf power


If you're one of the many hoping to get their hands on the new Nissan Leaf and wondering if the cable will stretch from house to car, your worrying could be over thanks to a new deal between Nissan and British Gas.

British Gas has been chosen as the preferred supplier of vehicle charging points for the 100 percent electric car, which means that the company will supply and install electric car charge points in homes and businesses across the country. Charge points will be installed in domestic garages and driveways, as well as office car parks.

Using charge points will cut charge time substantially compared to plugging the cars directly into a home electrical system. British Gas will also help Leaf customers upgrade their home by installing solar panels - so they could ultimately charge their electric car for free.

Of course, before the charge becomes 'free', customers will have to fork out £995 for the installation of the British Gas charging point. And if they're interested in solar panels, prices for those start at around £9,000.

British Gas claims that the cost of a full charge for the Leaf is less than £2, giving the car a range of 109 miles. we've tried to work out how far you would have to travel before the charging becomes free having paid out for installation and solar panels but our collective brain began to ache, so we gave up.

If you can enlighten us, please do so below.