Geneva motor show: Chrysler Ypsilon


The baby Ypsilon, a luxury city car last sold here in its original form as the Lancia Y10 in the mid '80s, is one of four new Lancia/Chrysler models launched at Geneva today.

The two brands are now wedded as part of Fiat's Chrysler integration strategy, which means that in the UK, some Lancia models, this new Ypsilon included, will be sold with Chrysler badging after Fiat decided not to relaunch Lancia here.

Offered for the first time as a five-door, the Ypsilon is half a metre smaller than a Fiat Punto and based on Fiat's new-generation Panda platform, whose wheelbase is 300mm longer than before in this form.

Thinly upholstered seating will also yield more cabin space but despite this, the Ypsilon will be luxuriously trimmed, as previous models have been, in keeping with Lancia's (and Chrysler's too, Fiat hopes) upmarket positioning.

Engines include Fiat's new TwinAir two cylinder petrol, a 1.2 four cylinder petrol and a 1.3 Mulitjet diesel, this and the TwinAir achieving CO2 numbers of under 99g/km.

The Ypsilon is expected to cost from around £11,000, and will go on sale here this June. It will be joined by a Chrysler badged version of a lightly facelifted Delta, a VW Golf-sized model, and the facelifted 300C. But the Chrysler 200 – a facelifted Sebring – will not be sold here even though it will go on sale in Europe as the Lancia Flavia.