Geneva Motor Show: XENATEC-Coupe


Think that the standard Maybach 57 S saloon is a bit passé or that Mercedes missed a trick not introducing a coupe version? Well, German coachbuilder XENATEC might just have the answer and it makes its world debut in Geneva tomorrow.

The company is showing the XENATEC-Coupe (also called the Cruiserio), which is basically a Coupe version of the Maybach 57 S. Designed by XENATEC designer Fredrik Burchhardt, this car is a one-off for a customer, but I guess if there's the demand they'll make more.

Exterior highlights, apart from the bespoke Coupe bodywork, include the paint finish. This was applied in several layers by hand, giving a brass-like colour and is finished off by the silver finish down the sides.

The interior is equally exclusive, with the trim being a combination of buffalo hide in its natural, non-dyed mid-brown and dark nappa leather in espresso brown; all hand-stitched by master craftsmen. This is all set-off by blackberry piping for the seats and the footwells finished in matching Alcantara. Hmmm, sounds delightful.

Whether it's cool or not is a matter of personal opinion, but it's bound to be a hit with American rappers such as Diddy who buy into the style of these big German cars. But in my view, despite the chop, the XENATEC-Coupe looks frankly massive and a bit ridiculous.

Finally, there's no mention of the price anywhere, but I guess if you have to ask XENATEC you probably can't afford it.