Video: The jet powered Mini Cooper


Some car modifiers might tell you that their car goes like a rocket, but if the as-yet-unknown owner of this dual-engined Mini Cooper made that claim they wouldn't be far from the truth.

BMP Design in Tyler, Texas, has squeezed a 414bhp Rolls Royce-Allison 250-C20B turbine engine from a helicopter into the back seats of a tuned Mini Cooper S to create a fire-spitting monster of a toy.

Add the tuned Cooper engine that powers the front wheels, the whole thing produces a massive 612bhp. Needless to say the Mini bears little resemblance to anything you would normally find from your local tuners, and counts a roof hatch among its modifications that allows the jet exhausts a route to the fresh air.

But the other modification is the one that we want most of all. As the two engines are separate to one another, the jet has its own throttle – the stick control that was used on the helicopter the engine was originally taken from.

The vast bulk of the extra engine means it is not ruthlessly quick, with the makers estimating it would get up to a top speed of about 160mph before the standard engine started struggling, but raw speed is surely not what this beast is all about. Click below to see it in action.