Paris motor show: The Paris show girls


The cars weren't the only models on show in Paris yesterday - it has become something of a tradition for manufacturers to keep their cars warm at motor shows by draping attractive young women over them.

We have judiciously documented this phenomenon on a number of previous occasions – the SEMA show last year, the Geneva show this year, and even the Beijing motor show back in April.

Indeed, it's perhaps the only thing that leaves us with a spring still in our step at the end of a long day spent trudging round exhibition halls.

Paris was perhaps a slightly muted affair in this respect – clearly car makers have had to cut back in these straitened times and not appear to be too extravagant. But that's not to say the stands were without their charms.

We have trawled through literally hundreds of photographs of newly-launched cars with mainly fat, middle-aged journalists in them to find you these top picks.

Check out our gallery & the video below.

2011 AMAs

2011 AMAs

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