Paris motor show: Renault presents range of EVs for 2012


Renault has unveiled a range of production ready or near-production ready electric vehicles at the Paris motor show.

It is aiming to have a full range of EVs on sale to the public within the next two years.

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The first car to market will be the Fluence Z.E., powered by a 94bhp electric motor, which will cost from around £22,500 minus the battery, which Renault will lease to customers from around £68 per month.

Commercial buyers will be able to buy an electric version of Renault's best-selling Kangoo van. That will cost from £16,990 without VAT and cost £59 a month for the battery lease.

Both vehicles are expected to go on sale by the middle of next year.

Renault also displayed a production version of its Twizy quadricycle, a two-seater open-sided EV that is intended to bridge the gap between scooters and 'traditional' city cars.

It weights just 450kg and has a reported range of 60 miles. Renault aims to make the Twizy unique to each customer by providing a range of personalisation options.

The Twizy will charge in three-and-a-half hours and will reach 80% charge in 30 minutes using a higher-powered public fast-charge point.

Renault has also established a partnership with the 'Better Place' initiative, which aims to introduce an international infrastructure of battery-swapping sites, which would see a depleted battery changed for a fully-charged one in a matter of minutes.

Despite being ready for production, the Twizy will not arrive in the UK until the beginning of 2012.

Finally, Renault took the wraps off the ZOE preview – a look at the supermini EV to be launched in 2012 but also a glimpse at the styling that will be featured on the next Renault Clio.

Renault said that the preview of the ZOE represents '90 percent' of the finished car, which will be built in France.

The ZOE is just 4.1m long and powered by an 80bhp electric motor. Range is 100 miles and top speed is 84mph. It features an innovative 'spa' interior that has been developed in conjunction with L'Oreal.

The final concept from Renault was the DeZir, which serves as a statement of intent from new Renault chief designer Laurens Van Den Acker of his wish to mix low-emission motoring with an increased sense of style from the car manufacturer.

The DeZir is not expected to make production.

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