Paris motor show: Peugeot HR1


Peugeot has introduced its urban hybrid crossover concept, the HR1, at the Paris motor show.

The concept brings together design themes from recent Peugeot concepts and could hint at what is to come from the upcoming 208.

Paris Motor Show 2010: Live launches

Paris Motor Show 2010: Live launches

Peugeot describes the HR1 as a 'city run-around, coupé, SUV', making it something in the vein of the Nissan Juke.

The HR1 has been designed for trendy city-dwellers without children, and the emphasis has been placed on a versatile and functional interior. Maximum load space is 734 litres and the seats can be stowed in different combinations.

Interestingly, the interior uses movement tracking similar to the latest games consoles to control audio and other systems – the driver can scroll through menus by rotating their hand.

A sweep of the hand from left to right (in this left-hand drive concept) and the driver can pass control of those menus to their passenger.

The engine is a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol unit linked up to Peugeot's Hybrid4 system. The engine produces 110bhp and the electric motor 37bhp, giving a maximum potential power output of 147bhp.

With a range of 1.55 miles in EV mode, the combined hybrid set-up makes for 81mpg and just 80g/km CO2 emissions. The transmission is an electronically-controlled manual gearbox offering sequential or automatic modes.

The HR1 is not slated for production, but parts of it are likely to be seen on upcoming models.