Mansory Veyron proves money can't buy taste


Mansory Bugatti Veyron

Mansory Bugatti Veyron

Uwe Gemballa, the eccentric gentleman behind tuning firm, Gemballa, may have ceased to producing insane one-off versions of uber-expensive cars, but he wasn't the only one turning out utterly tasteless creations.

Mansory has shown it is more than up to the task with this one-off Bugatti Veyron bedecked in gold trimmings, containing gold ostrich-skin patterned seats, and finished off with, you guessed it, gold wheels.

Ok, so it isn't actual gold, just an alloy of some sort, and the ostrich skin isn't real either, but no-one will be able to see closely enough to tell that as you fly past in your Veyron. And you won't want to stop and talk to anyone about your car anyway as that might mean communicating with poor people.

Fortunately, Mansory has tweaked the engine too, boosting it from the normal 1001 to 1109bhp, although the added weight means that probably won't improve the 2.5second 0-62mph time.

No pricing details have been revealed, but we can't imagine anyone that has enough money to buy such a thing will actually worry about the cost - it will just be another tacky drop in an already vulgar ocean.