Audi launches A8 limo in Beijing


Audi will be pulling a sheet off the longest and most luxurious version of its new A8 at the Beijing motor show – and dropping a massive 12-cylinder engine in it as a bonus.

The A8 L W12 boasts a huge 493bhp power output that takes what promises to be a massive car to 62mph in just 4.9 seconds.

It is due to come with a suitably elongated price too, with a £4k premium expected to be demanded should you want to stretch your A8 and keep a normal engine under the bonnet, but a massive £93k price tag will be plastered on the windscreen of the W12.

We reckon that money will not be much of an object therefore for the potential owners of this understated limo, so the buyers will not be too concerned about the fact that the average fuel consumption comes in at just 23.5mpg and CO2 is a whopping 278g/km. That is not going to help Audi get under the average emissions barrier of 130g/km that will be required by 2012 by the EU.

The back seat gets most of the toys on offer, with bigger doors, reclining, massaging, heated and ventilated seats, two 10-inch TV screens and even a fridge available. We'd like one with a personal driver please. We'd use it to optimise our working day of course, not to sit in the back and watch films and drink beer.