Mercedes SLS GT3 breaks cover


This is the new Mercedes SLS GT3 race car which is available to customers to buy and race in the FIA GT3 championship.

Details are scarce, but expect the car to be significantly lighter than the road car, with the V8 engine's power boosted to around 600bhp.

The SLS GT3 gets all the usual aerodynamic muscle, but doesn't look quite as good in its racing suit as the Z4 GT3 BMW unveiled a couple of weeks ago. Only the particularly well-heeled will have to agonise over which car to choose though. There's no price tag for the SLS yet, but expect it to at least match the Z4's £270,000 starting price.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (TGS 2013)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (TGS 2013)