Geneva Motor Show: Mercedes F800


The F800 is a concept version of a new four-door coupe that Mercedes is working on.It will be a little brother to the Mercedes CLS – the CLS is a coupe version of the E Class and this will be a little bit smaller than a C Class. Its platform is going to be shared with the next-generation A- and B-Class, which means it will be front-drive with the option of four-wheel-drive for hot versions.

The production version will appear in 2013, but in a toned-down form. Safety regulations mean there is no chance of the radical doors going into production. However, the overall shape is attractive and the front end showcases the new design that will be used on all future designs.

It is a retro-modern look with a grille taken pretty well unchanged from the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing of the mid-1950s. That is no bad thing, as most people reckon that car was the best looking Mercedes ever made.

The F800 concept also uses a hybrid drivetrain which Mercedes says is capable is almost 100 mpg with CO2 emissions of just 68 g /km of CO2. There is also a hydrogen fuel cell version, but fuel cells are steadily falling out of favour amongst car manufacturers (the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure shows no sign of being developed). Hence the hybrid version is much more likely to go into production.