Pretty in pink?


Ladies – and perhaps gents too (let's not be sexist) – form an orderly queue because Fiat is launching the new "must-have" accessory for 2010.

Let us introduce you to the limited edition Fiat 500 Pink, which is, well, exactly as it says on the tin.

Were we a 12 year old girl, we'd be going nuts for this Barbie-car but Fiat has somehow managed to make a cool car cringeworthy.

Costing £11,700, the 500 Pink is based on the 1.2 Lounge model but also comes with a raft of equipment worth £1,500 including a sunroof, leather gear knob, and "special pink key cover" to match – nice.

All it really needs now is a range of matching accessories – bag, shoes, small yappy dog anyone? Customers can order online only, but you'll need to be quick as there are only 500 of them available.

And someone's got to buy them...