Mazda launch new metro model


Mazda will not only be bringing along some new engines plus a recently developed automatic gearbox to this year's Tokyo Motor Show (24th October - 4th November) but will also be showcasing their Kiyora compact concept. The new diesel engine from Mazda goes by the name of SKY-D and features (amongst other things) high-pressure piezo injectors and a two-stage turbocharger. Fuel efficiency has been boosted by 20 percent compared with Mazda's current 2.2-litre diesel engine. And at the same time, Tokyo will be seeing the Kiyora make its world debut. This metro-style concept has been designed for a felicitous combination of eco virtues with driving dynamics within the compact car segment. The technically advanced drivetrain components from the SKY concept together with lightweight construction materials reduce fuel consumption by the 1.3L engine to an amazing 91mpg (3.1 litres per 100km).