TOP 10: The world's ten fastest cars - Lamborghini Reventon


The 2009 IAA may have been the one and only opportunity for the many fans of beautiful fast supercars to admire the new open-top Lamborghini Reventon. Only 20 models will be built and they will disappear into the garages of well-heeled collectors. The complete Reventon range sold out in under two weeks. Eleven of the dream cars will find homes in America and seven will remain in Europe. One will be whisked off to Dubai and another to Japan. Financially, it's been a worthwhile exercise for Lamborghini, as each Reventon costs as much as three LP 640s.

The designers of the Reventon took their inspiration from fighter jets. They went to an Italian air force base and borrowed styling cues from the Tornado and the F22 Raptor. The end result is breathtaking. The Reventon, with its straight-as-a-die styling, looks simply out of this world. It's flatter, wider and even more extreme than the standard fare from Sant'Agata.

Lamborghini Reventon
340 km/h
650 horsepower
0-62mph: 3.4 sec