Outsider view: Will Saab go to the wall?


Saab have a genuine SUV (the 9-4X BioPower concept) in the pipeline. But whether it will ever make it on to the market is anyone's guess. For bankrupt Saab could well become the next victim of the collapse of General Motors. Formerly a small but upmarket brand with a niche appeal, it was a bad day for Saab when it was taken over by GM. Gone were the innovative ideas of yesteryear. Today, what we have are bog standard series production cars with no upmarket pretensions which still expect to compete in the premium segment of the market. This quite clearly doesn't work. Whether the luxury sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg can really save Saab remains to be seen. It would, however, be a shame if this marque, steeped in tradition, really does go down the pan. But at the same time, that is the market economy. Only the strong survive.