Lotus Evora: Not long until May


In May, the waiting will be over. That's when the Lotus Evora arrives in the showrooms. This low-slung runabout is significantly bigger than the Elise and other previous models. At just over 4.3 metres in length, the Evora is falling into line with its competitors. The visual aspect with the typical air vents at the front is on the one hand traditional Lotus, whilst at the same time being entirely original. The low nose with its integrated headlights has relatively little in common with the familiar look of the Elise and Exige, resembling more the Ferrari F430. Overall, the new model gives the impression of being far more sophisticated than the previous funmobiles.

Under the bonnet is a Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre V6 engine delivering 276bhp with six-gear manual transmission. Lotus are planning production levels of up to 34 units per week in July, assuming of course that the economic conditions permit a corresponding demand.