Rinspeed iChange


Before we take a look at the car, let's consider the name. Apple started the trend and now everything that the marketing gurus associate with 'lifestyle' starts with an 'i'. It's a nice touch, but sooner or later, even the Apple 'i' will start to look stale.

Rinspeed's latest creation is called the 'iChange', which is intended to convey the car's adaptability. It works like this: the glass dome above the passengers' heads can be raised as and when required, providing ample room for passengers in the back. If the rear seats are unoccupied, then the roof line is lowered to improve the car's aerodynamics and fuel consumption.

The rest of the car comes across as typical Rinspeed. Second-hand components (headlights from the Insignia) save money but do not dovetail well with the overall image, and the rear end could have come from a 90s sports car. Overall, the vehicle looks like a beached flatfish, which is successful purely in terms of proportion but doesn't exactly knock your socks off.

Of course, the iChange has an electric motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 200kph. The iChange is a nice contribution to the subject of green cars, but no more than that.