Smart USA sell 25,000 Fortwos in first year


Even the boldest of optimists could not have predicted that the Smart Fortwo would become such a hit on the American market. Astronomical fuel prices and a dearth of thrifty models were the factors behind this surprising success for Smart in the USA.

They had forecast sales of 15,000 units in the first year. But with 25,000 vehicles now sold, they have easily exceeded their target. Much of this success is due to the endeavours of Roger Penske. Not only has Penske enjoyed huge success with his vehicles in various US race series, but he is also the only major Smart wholesaler in the USA. There are a total of 74 dealers in 35 states displaying the Smart in their showrooms.

This year, they are set to be joined by nine more. All the more surprising is the fact that these excellent sales figures have been achieved without any TV advertising. Penske is expecting similar results for 2009 – thanks mainly to the price of a gallon of fuel.