The longest Ferrari in the world


A Ferrari 360 Modena is one hell of a car. Fast and glamorous: in a word, an amazing sports car. But what happens if you want to take out a group of friends for a spin in your Ferrari? Hardly suitable as a family saloon or for an outing with friends.

There were precisely the thoughts of Style Limousines, who with the aid of a specialist company converted the Modena 360 into a limousine. Behind the driver there is room for eight passengers in racing seats. Length: 6 m. Top speed: 267 km/h. Voilà: the longest Ferrari in the world or the fastest limousine on Earth: whichever you prefer.

I would have a further suggestion: the ugliest Ferrari in the world. This is also what Ferrari thought, who apparently demanded that the owner remove all logos and indications of Ferrari from the monstrosity. But they are still in place, as you can see in our gallery. Longest, fastest or ugliest - what do you think?

ASI 2009: Ferrari limousine

ASI 2009: Ferrari limousine