Super Aguri: FOR SALE once more


It was a type of comeback early in the year. I was walking through the halls of the Autosport International Show in Birmingham. A perfectly usual opening day for a fair, I thought, and did not count on any nasty surprises, until it was too late.

Suddenly it was standing there. A white Formula 1 racer that had been through a lot; a Super Aguri SA06, that had been driven in 2006 by Takuma Sato but that had first seen the light of day four years previously as an Arrows.

The car had been reconstructed, fitted with a new Cosworth engine and was on sale once again. Some things simply don't change.

Incidentally, the Super Aguri was not the only reincarnated car. Just a few yards away there was a close relation in the form of a genuine Arrows that was not for sale, but that had clearly been more prettily draped.

ASI 2009: Super Aguri SA06

ASI 2009: Super Aguri SA06