Auto Drawing: Remote-control instead of brushwork


It really is hard to believe. This work of art was produced with the aid of the tyres and remote-control cars. Don't believe us? Well in that case, you're in the best of company. Ex F1 driver Anthony Davidson didn't believe it either and was very difficult to convince that artist Ian Cook really does use remote-control cars for drawing pictures.

Those responsible are a few friends who gave him one of these remote-control cars, saying: "Whatever you do, don't take it to your studio and mess around trying to paint it!"

So that was that. Cook experimented a bit and suddenly started painting abstract paintings by remote-control, even going on to produce portraits. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, he even exhibited a new type of art: an 'Autotrait' of Lewis Hamilton. This turned out to be worthwhile, as he was hired after that by one of the current World Champion's private sponsors. Quite rightly so, as you can see from our picture gallery.

ASI 2009: Auto Drawing

ASI 2009: Auto Drawing