Tata Nano: 0 to (almost) 60 in 17 seconds


The main thing that speaks in favour of the Tata Nano is its price tag of US $ 2,500. This is what you would otherwise have to shell out for a Honda Civic with around 140,000 miles on the clock. So what do you in fact get for the price of a rather expensive lawn mower? A car! Yes, a car with some 33 HP and a four-speed gearbox! If the driver floors it for 17 seconds, he'll get to an impressive speed of just under 60 mph.

Should he have the brazen cheek of also putting a passenger and a heavy load of shopping on board, then he'll just have to dream of the top speed.

However, there are a few extras: the luxury version offers a radio and air conditioning. But if you want to go for both extras, you'll have to make do with 50 mph. On reflection, the Honda Civic is not such a bad car.

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First Drive: 2010 Ford Flex EcoBoost