Volvo S60 Concept - Recarved with character


Is this the end of 'hard-line Volvo design'? After the beefy back-end look of the current S60, the recently-presented XC60 showed the new design aspirations of the Swedes. And it is certainly ready to stand up and be counted! It's particularly because Volvo has succeeded in almost fully concealing the strong technical links to diverse Ford models and thus not letting the premium aspirations of the brand be put under question.

Photos are now being released of the S60 successor which will be available in 2010. A distinct and stylish radiator grille is of course one of the key components in contemporary car design (particularly in the premium segment). As much so as a roof that slopes downwards to the rear in coupé style, ending with a short and tidy tail end with just a hint of being stepped. The lateral characteristics are however a little reminiscent of the Audi A5.

It's clear enough; the new S60 also wants to be a four-door coupé, or at least to give that elegant impression. The headlamps, set deeply into the wings, follow the new contour of the XC60 and look very tidy.

Yet the real highlight of the new Swedish car awaits inside the cabin. Whoever appreciated the narrow Volvo designer mid consoles will just love the interior of the S60. This well-known style element has bee taken to the summit and now runs to the edge of the rear seats. Let's hope that this (not unimportant) detail will find its way into series production. However, we'd sooner wipe the glass in use from our wish list.

Let's see how much elegance and coolness are reflected in series production.