Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16m - Special Edition


I really think that Ferrari could have easily made this special edition of the F430 Spider without needing it as a celebration of their Formula 1 successes. They could have simply thought of some other reason: it would still have been great and a further F430 version would always have plenty of justification for its existence.

Nevertheless, it is what they wanted to do and it is certainly a suitable celebration of their having achieved the World Constructor's Championship. So wha's new with this model?

In general terms, this Ferrari corresponds closely to its hardtop stablemate, the F430 Scuderia. What is new is the colour design of the racing stripes on the engine cowling and the front hood, as well as the "16M" legend below the Ferrari logo on the sides. Well that's something to be getting on with. And you can reasonably assume that its collector's value will rise as a limited edition. The question of its price is of no significance, because all 500 of this limited edition have already been purchased. Sadly, it's something else you can strike from your letter to Santa Claus.

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New York 2010: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport