Last-minute thriller in Sao Paulo


No scriptwriter could have come up with a more thrilling last few laps of the 2008 season than was served up by Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and two German bit-part players.

A roar goes up from a hundred thousand throats on the packed grandstands of the Autodromo Carlos Pace. Felipe Massa takes the chequered flag, wins his home race and seems to have accomplished the impossible - the championship miracle of Sao Paulo. As they enter the last lap of the season's grand finale, Sebastian Vettel overtakes Massa's rival for the title, Lewis Hamilton, pushing him down to sixth position and, at the same time, out of the record books.

But the jubilation on the terraces and the exuberant celebrations by Massa's family in the Ferrari garage are abruptly cut short. Just 22 seconds after Massa's victory comes the next miracle: on the long turn leading into the home straight, Lewis Hamilton passes Timo Glock to cross the finishing line as new world champion.

"My heart was practically bursting. I don't know how I managed to keep my cool", said Hamilton. He could barely grasp what had happened or express it in words. "At the last corner I managed to get past Timo Glock and I'm telling you it was just amazing. I can only thank God." It was his dream come true.