Lamborghini Estoque - More Drama


So no SUV then. The time of SUVs has passed and Lamborghini too have recognised that. The trend in the automotive premier league is at the moment towards large but still very sporty four-door luxury coupès (I'm a bit hesitant when speaking of a coupè but please bear with me).

In Paris, Lamborghini presented the Estoque: a racily designed saloon that - with its macho proportions - is immediately recognisable as an Italian bull.

Very dramatic design, at least going on back from the A-column, but for my taste the front comes across as a bit shallow. Two large air inlets with lower spoiler edges pulled forwards still don't make a full Lambo. Going up from the monster air inlets, the Estoque creates a slight feeling of deja-vu, especially in the headlight area.

What is really dramatic about this vehicle is the window line (shades of Aston Martin Rapide) and the heavily accentuated wheel arches.

The clear competitors are the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide.

Yet within this trio, I can't see the Panamera really cutting the mustard in visual terms, well-known as it is from countless spy-photos. This 'Pampers Porsche' is more redolent of a piece of soap that has been in use for a week than a sharply-lined four-door coupè (whoops - I've used that word again!) like the Lamborghini and the Aston. I'm sure that, when it is implemented, the Estoque will be a success. I just wonder whether Porsche - given their stake in Lambo's ultimate parent VW - will be very amused?