Carol Vorderman says her son was ‘deemed unteachable’ as a child

Carol Vorderman has said her son with special needs was “deemed unteachable” when he was at school.

Vorderman revealed earlier this week that her son Cameron had received a master’s degree from Dundee University.

The former Countdown star, 60, told the Daily Mail it was “utterly heartbreaking” to see Cameron get rejected from schools as a child.

Vorderman said her son’s first headteacher told her he would have to leave the school because of his behaviour.

“He said Cam was getting into little fights, was disruptive, a trouble-maker, basically,” she said.

“I took him around other schools – six, maybe seven – to see if they would take him, but when they heard the history, they all said no. He was deemed unteachable,” she told the newspaper.

Describing her son’s special needs, Vorderman said: “There are overlapping circles, with severe dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD and autism.”

She added: “Cam has severe dyslexia, ADD and ADHD.”

Vorderman said that after Cameron got his master’s degree “thousands of people said what an absolute inspiration he is”.

She added: “There are so many Camerons out there. They are the ones I worry about now, and want to help, if I can.

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Carol Vorderman (Andrew Matthews/PA)

“No child should be told they are unteachable, because they are not.”

Vorderman said she “could not be prouder of how he has done this, because frankly I didn’t know how it would be possible”.

She added: “I knew he wasn’t thick, or slow, or any of those things that he and children like him are often told.

“I always thought he was brilliantly bright. He is.”

Vorderman shares Cameron with her former husband Patrick King.

The pair separated in 2000.