Cara Delevingne defends herself after awkward interview moment

Cara Delevigne during the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone Circuit on July 9
Cara Delevigne during the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone Circuit on July 9

Cara Delevingne has explained herself after being accused of ‘rudeness’ for turning down an interview at British Grand Prix.

The model was one of the many famous faces in attendance at Silverstone on Sunday and was on the track for the ‘Grid Walk’, which sees Sky Sports presenter Martin Brundle build excitement by interviewing celebs checking out the cars.

Martin approached Cara and a group of pals while broadcasting live coverage of Formula One, but an Alfa Romeo representative in the group told the presenter Cara “didn’t want to talk”.

Visibly irked, Martin replied: “But everybody needs to talk on the grid. That’s the deal now, everybody talks on the grid.”

He then turned to Cara and added: Can we have a quick chat? Sky F1. Good to see you on the grid!”

Spotting the rep shaking his head, Cara replied “no” before adding: “Sorry, I can’t hear anything.”

As he walked away, Martin grumbled sarcastically: “Alright… Well I’m sure it would’ve been extremely interesting.”

Check out the moment from around the 4.20 mark in the video below:

Cara soon faced criticism for the exchange on Twitter – but she’s now posted to say that all isn’t as it seemed.

The star quote-tweeted a post which said: “First time I’m seeing this, but apparently people are really upset by @Caradelevingne refusing to be interviewed by Brundle on his famous grid walk.

“A few thoughts (my opinions, you may not share these): Grid walk passes include agreeing to be filmed, not interviewed. Consent is a thing? No is no.

“Cara has every right to deny to be interviewed

“Maybe you think Cara was rude, but Martin was just as rude, if not more so

“National treasure or not, that doesn’t give him the right to demand interviews from anyone

“She was told by an F1 representative to say no. People refuse to be interviewed by Brundle all the time, no big deal.”

She also added the message: “I was told to say no so I did. Thank you for seeing both sides xxx.”

Cara then emphasised her point by replying to a fan questioning why her ‘agent’ had told her not to speak.

“It wasn’t an agent, it was an F1 representative,” she replied.

In a final tweet on the matter, Cara wrote: “Anyway, I had so much fun today and was so happy to be there no matter what anyone else may think.”

Cara was joined at the Grand Prix by other famous faces including Eurovision entrant Sam Ryder and 2023 Song Contest host Hannah Waddingham.

Hannah was interviewed by David Coulthard on Channel 4 and also managed to spark controversy with an eyebrow-raising comment about one of the sport’s biggest talking points in recent years.