Bunny’s Temper Tantrum Is Unfortunately Too Cute to Take Seriously

CC David Prado Perucha/Shutterstock

There's nothing cuter than a sweet, little bunny right? Well then you probably haven't ever seen a bunny having a meltdown, because it's sort of adorable. Really! It's true. Like one bun on TikTok, who looked positively darling while having a temper tantrum at his owner.

Sully was really trying to send a strong message. Sadly, he's a cute little bunny and his point sort of got lost.

We would give anything to know what happened before Sully's owner turned their camera on. What could have possibly caused the little guy to get so steamed?

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As the footage shows, Sully was really giving his owner a thorough talking to — and by that we mean he stomped his foot, once. Whew! Settle down there, Sully! No need to get heated.

"If you're curious what a bunny tantrum sounds like," the owner joked in the onscreen caption. "Sully is a grumpy boy today," they added in the caption.

Sully's little meltdown had people in the comments section rolling. "Oh he put his foot DOWN," joked one person. "He had ENOUGH," someone else teased. "Keeping one ear open in case you start to talk back," kidded another commenter. "Literally my bunny used to do this when I wouldn’t let him bite my hair," one woman shared.

Aggression in Bunnies

Thankfully Sully didn't totally unleash on his owner. But if you think the bunny is an outlier amongst others of his kind you'd be wrong. Despite their sweet appearance, bunnies can be aggressive. There are reasons for this behavior, of course. Things like being unneutered/unspayed, being in pain or fear, not having enough space to get their energy out, or they can lash out when they're being protective of their home.

You might even say that buns can be quite temperamental. They need a lot of special care and work so that they don't get aggressive. Many bunnies every year are neglected or rehomed because of bad behavior like biting. But thankfully it can be corrected with a little work.

The easiest thing you can do is spay or neuter your bunny and make sure they are living in a large enough space. A place that has plenty of room for them to jump, hide, forage, dig, or stretch up tall should do the trick.

Make sure your bunnies are eating the right diet. Things like hay can help keep them busy and frustration free. Handle your buns with care and never use punishment as a training method. Bunnies don't really take to discipline, so no matter how frustrated you may feel it's always best to try and solve the problem through other methods.

Bunnies are wonderful, amazing pets...just don't get on their bad side.

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