Bulldog's Epic Wedding Reception Entrance Outshines the Bride and Groom

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There are so many beautiful things about getting married in the 21st century, from being able to marry whomever you love to breaking any and all wedding traditions. Your wedding day can look however you want it to, whether you're eloping on a secluded island or celebrating in a church with your friends and family. The options are literally endless!

As pet ownership continues to increase among millennials and Gen Z'ers, it's becoming more and more common to see furry friends--especially dogs--playing a role in their owners' weddings. A guest appearance by a dog can be one of the day's top highlights for both guests and the wedding party--just ask Jupiter the Bulldog!

This pampered prince made an all-star entrance at his parent's wedding reception, and it did not disappoint. Everyone smiled as the dog of honor took his place on the dance floor, and now he's even going viral on TikTok! Check out the priceless June 7 video.

You go, Jupiter! This moment was meant for you, and it looks like that adorable wedding suit was, too. The bride and groom couldn't let their special guy attend their wedding without an outfit of his own, after all. If you ask me, this English Bulldog knows just how fabulous he is!

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"He is an icon, a legend, and the moment," commented canine nutrition company Ollie. I couldn't agree more! He was posing like the cool pup he is until the car stopped in the middle of the dance floor, then he knew it was his time to truly shine.

I know his parents were proud dog owners at that moment, but how is the rest of the crowd so quiet as Jupiter rolls in? I'd be laughing or trying to get a closer look, but it seems like the wedding guests are more interested in the bride and groom. I guess that's fair!

Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

There's no right or wrong way to include your furry friend in your wedding, but it's important to make sure you're not letting your dog get in over their head. Many dogs will be overwhelmed by so many people, smells, and sounds- canine hearing is extremely sensitive compared to humans, after all- so these dogs may feel better if they celebrate with you later.

Other dogs, however, will be the life of the party. Make sure someone is responsible for giving them their meals, water, and potty breaks because you're going to be busy partying with your new spouse! You can include your pup in pictures, at the ceremony, or even on the dance floor- anything goes when it's your wedding!

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