Buildings shake briefly during earthquake in Taiwan’s capital days after temblor left 13 dead

An earthquake in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, caused buildings to briefly shake on Monday.

This comes after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the eastern part of the island last week on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of at least 13 people.

There have been hundreds of aftershocks since.

More than 600 people are reportedly still stranded days after the devastating earthquake.

Rescuers face a range of threats from landslides, rockfalls and aftershocks as they continue working to evacuate the remaining trapped individuals.

According to the Taipei Times, as of Sunday, the earthquake injured at least 1,145 people.

The earthquake was Taiwan’s biggest in 25 years. It struck during the morning rush hour, prompting authorities to issue tsunami warnings.

Enormous landslides were set off due to the massive tremor causing buildings to lean at precarious angles, videos and photos showed.

“Rain increases the risks of rockfalls and landslides, which are currently the biggest challenges,” Su Yu-ming, the leader of a search team helping the rescue effort, told Reuters last week.

“These factors are unpredictable, which means we cannot confirm the number of days required for the search and rescue operations.”

Taiwan’s Central Emergency Operations Center announced on Sunday that rescuers have escalated their search efforts for a Singaporean couple, who are also Australian citizens, reported missing after the earthquake.

As of Monday morning, the CEOC said that six people are still missing since Wednesday last week.

Search and rescue operations are continuing.