Fans tease Britney Spears for 'photoshop fail'

An Instagram photo of singer Britney Spears wearing a bikini.
Britney's fans have spotted an apparent photoshop fail in a recent Instagram post. Photo: Instagram/britneyspears.

Britney Spears’ fans have spotted what they believe to be a photoshop fail in one of the singer’s recent selfies - and they’re not letting her get away with it.

The pop princess recently shared a snap of herself wearing a cute, ‘Baby One More Time’-inspired outfit - complete with a check mini-skirt and midriff-baring white shirt.

But eagle-eyed social media followers spotted that the drawers in the background of the shot are distorted - a tell-tale sign that the 37-year-old likely edited the pic to cinch in her waist.

“The counter said: 〰️” wrote one fan.

“When you edit your pics to make your hips look slimmer you need to work on fixing the background,” another advised.

The draws do not appear distorted in another video she later posted from the same angle.

Others saw the funny side, joking that the hit-maker was “so skinny she bent the drawers.”

“It’s not facetune sweeties it’s gravitational waves because she’s so skinny, go back to school kids,” quipped another.

“She is so skinny that she actually affects the furniture around her to make it look skinny as well.”

A close-up of the distorted drawers in the background of Britney Spears's selfie.
A close-up of the distorted drawers in the background of Britney's selfie. Photo: Instagram/britneyspears.
Britney Spears photoshop fail
The draws behind her do not appear curved in other shots. Photo: Instagram/britneyspears

One fan had a solution to Brit’s social media faux pas - hire a Millennial!

“I think u should get a young assistant who would take Instagram pics of you!!!!” they suggested.

Get your applications in now, kids.

By Gillian Wolski, Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

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