Bring the Drama fans think Silent Witness could have found a new star

Bring The Drama,2,L to R: Chris, Delasi, Jordan and Lizzie,Wall To Wall,Dave King
Bring the Drama's contestants visited the Silent Witness set. (Wall To Wall) ((BBC/Wall To Wall/Justin Downing))

What did you miss?

BBC reality show Bring the Drama offered another big TV series link-up this week as the contestants visited the set of Silent Witness - and viewers thought one of them was good enough to join the regular cast.

The competition, hosted by Bill Bailey, sees eight would-be actors looking to break into the industry given the task of acting out scenes from well-known shows for a tough real-life casting director each week.

In the second episode, the actors were trying to prove their skill with a scene from pathologist drama Silent Witness, and one contestant stood out to viewers as good enough to join Dr Nikki Alexander's crew.

What, how, and why?

Bring The Drama,02-02-2024,George, Lizzie, Delasi, Luca, Bill Bailey, Chris, Janice, Jordan and Rehanna,Wall To Wall Productions,Justin Downing
Rehanna (far right) was a hit with viewers for her Silent Witness scenes. (Wall To Wall Productions) ((BBC/Wall To Wall/Justin Downing))

Bring the Drama's eight budding actors had another daunting set visit ahead of them this week, as they were sent to record a scene for Silent Witness where they had to appear convincing with complicated medical dialogue.

It was a treat for viewers who were fans of the long-running BBC drama as they got a behind the scenes look at where show star Emilia Fox films as pathologist Dr Nikki Alexander.

One viewer commented on X: "@EmiliaFox someone is in your office - watching BBC 2 Bring the Drama !"

The episode saw all of the contestants vying to be cast in Fox's leading role, with Jordan and Rehanna chosen to be the doctor in two competing casts - and as far as viewers were concerned, Silent Witness might just have found a new star.

One viewer commented: "Rehanna sounds very natural!"

Someone else added: "Rehanna as Silent Witness' Dr Alexander on Bring The Drama, she's good."

Another fan wrote: "Rehanna had to get Actor of the week. She was fantastic. I completely believed her."

But while not all of the actors might have taken to the medical scenes so well, one viewer thought they might have found the perfect role for George as they commented: "George needs to play Gregg Wallace in a biopic."

Will we be back for more?

Bring The Drama,2,Kelly Valentine Hendry, Bill Bailey & Genesis Lynea ,Wall To Wall,Dave King
Kelly Valentine Hendry, Bill Bailey and Genesis Lynea judged the Silent Witness scenes. (Wall to Wall Productions) ((BBC/Wall To Wall/Justin Downing))

Bring the Drama has been praised by viewers for its eye-opening look at the acting industry and how tough it is to make it as a TV star.

Last week, the cast lifted the lid on how much work goes into soaps with a set visit to EastEnders, and future episodes promise to include more of the BBC's most popular shows - all under the daunting judgment of casting director Kelly Valentine-Hendry.

One viewer commented: "Have absolutely loved #BringTheDrama these last two weeks! Not just for its promotion of access in the industry, but its entertainment factor too — these people, their approaches and their reactions to knock-backs is already such an interesting watch!"

Another keen fan wrote: "There needs to be a Doctor Who week."

Bring the Drama airs on BBC Two at 9pm on Wednesdays.

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