Black Labrador Puppy Outsmarting His Mom and Stealing a Treat Is Irresistibly Sneaky


When you have a dog, you're guaranteed to smile every day. Whether they're running in circles trying to catch their tail or discovering their howl for the first time, dogs of all ages are an adorable, endless source of entertainment-- even when they're being a bit naughty!

Just ask Black Labrador puppy Hank. This sweet and silly guy was having the time of his life while munching on a piece of paper, but his mama knew she needed to take it away. She had the smart idea to trade the paper for a treat instead, but it turns out that Hank had a smart idea too. Just wait until you see what he did! His April 2 TikTok video is too cute to resist, and honestly, his strategy is pretty impressive.

LOL! Hank is such a smart little guy! Not many puppies would attempt to grab the dog treat while holding onto the paper, too, but this pup is a big thinker. He's going to do great things in life!

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In fact, it must be his Labrador Retriever genes behind this gluttonous act. Labs are famous for eating everything in sight, and it looks like Hank is no exception. In addition to being a Lab, he's also just a puppy! He may be chewing on whatever he can to aid with teething, or he may just not know yet that paper isn't for eating.

As one commenter (not so kindly) pointed out, she could very easily have taken the paper from Hank herself. That's true! But there was a bigger idea at play here that non-puppy owners have just never experienced: obedience training.

The puppy's owner replied, "My trainer taught us to teach the command “drop it” this way. Mommy messed up by dropping the treat herself. She’s doing her best." And she's doing great! She had the right idea to use this as a training opportunity.

How to Train a Puppy

It's no secret that training a puppy takes time, effort, and consistency. But where do you start? The best thing to do would be to sign up for a puppy training class, but if this is out of your realm of possibility, you can start with the basics at home.

The absolute first thing to do is to start using positive reinforcement.  This would mean offering treats, pets, or even a round of fetch when your puppy performs a desired action. Most dog owners start by teaching their puppy to respond to their name, but even this first step can take time for a little one to learn. That's why patience is so important!

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