Bird-Watching Maine Coon Cat Is Totally Mesmerized After Spotting First Kookaburra


If there's one thing that cats love to do, it's to watch birds. I'm sure they dream of stalking and catching them, then either eating them or delivering them to their favorite human as a gift. Loki is a beautiful Maine Coon cat who loves spending his time outside. His mom shared a video on May 16th of Loki hanging out in a tree watching for birds.

The video is really short and shows the gorgeous cat sitting on a tree branch looking around. Make sure that your sound is on so you can hear the kookaburra! While we don't get to see the bird, watch Loki's face as he spots it for the first time.

Loki spotted the kookaburra and was probably ready to go get it! His mom says in the caption that Loki thought that the bird was beautiful, and they really are cool looking birds that sing beautiful songs! But commenters swooned over how beautiful Loki looks, and his mom responded to everybody saying thank you. One commenter asked what Loki was doing and he replied, "I found this cool tree to climb while I was out with my humans. There were lots of birds to see."

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Maine Coon Cat Facts

I think it's safe to say that most people are fascinated with majestic looking Maine Coons. Their gorgeous look makes everybody want one...they're one of the most popular cat breeds today. They are much larger than your standard domestic cat; on average, males weigh 15-25 pounds, while females are 10-15 pounds. Their average height is 10-16 inches, and their tails can add another 12-18 inches to their length. They are very big cats!

If you've watched other videos featuring Loki, you'll notice his huge furry paws that his mom lovingly refers to as murder mittens that he uses to climb, hunt, and capture prey like mice and birds. I noticed in the caption of this bird watching video that mom hashtagged 'polydactyl'. It means that Loki was born with extra toes on their paws due to a genetic mutation, which is why his paws look even bigger than other Maine Coons' paws.

Here's a fun fact that makes Maine Coons different from other cat breeds: they love water! Not only that but they also have semi-water-repellent fur, "They have three layers of fur, and the outermost layer helps water to slide easily off their coat instead of soaking them through."

There's also an interesting story behind how Maine Coons got their name. Maine Coon Central explains, "Maine Coons are believed to have originated in Maine...hence the first half of their name. In the early days of the breed, before they reached official status, they were just called Maine cats. Around the mid-20th century) that their name was changed to the Maine Coon. This is because their tails are so bushy and often striped, so people began to compare them to raccoons, giving them the second half of their name."

Knowing all of this about Maine Coons makes them even cooler than I already think they are! I would love to have one of my own but unfortunately, I don't think our dog would be a fan.

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