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The viral cabin bags you need if you’re flying Ryanair or easyJet this year

These cabin bags have gone viral on TikTok for their budget-friendly price tags, spacious capacity and airline approved designs. (Amazon / Yahoo Life UK)
These cabin bags have gone viral on TikTok for their budget-friendly price tags, spacious capacity and airline approved designs. (Amazon / Yahoo Life UK)

If you're a chronic overpacker, finding the right cabin bag to fit all your essentials can be no easy feat. But thanks to the power of social media, we've discovered two affordable, compact bags that are under £30 and spacious enough to store everything you need for long-haul and short-haul flights.

Say hello to the Narwey Underseat Cabin Bag (£11.99) and Aerolite Cabin Bag (£14.99), both available from Amazon.

From city breaks to two-week holidays, they're a travel must-have and many users love that they fit within Ryanair and easyJet's cabin bag size guidelines, so no more second-guessing.

First gaining popularity on TikTok, one creator made use of the Narwey Cabin Bag for a three-day trip to Prague, even demonstrating how well it fit within the Ryanair baggage sizer at an airport. Her video racked up over 9.5 million views, with over 600,000 likes, with many saying they "bought it so fast" after watching the clip.

Save on extra luggage charges with this perfectly-sized bag which can easily be placed under your seat. Choose from a huge 14 different colours. 

£12 at Amazon

Practically a steal at just £11.99 down from £15.99, it's available in a 14 different colours, has a roomy 20L capacity and can easily fit under your airplane seat to save on extra charges. It's also lightweight, made from a water-resistant fabric and has reinforced straps to make it super-sturdy.

As far as reviews go, it has over 9,000 — 80% of which are four or five-star ratings. Shoppers say it fits a lot more "than you'd expect", and is great "value for money".

Aerolite's Cabin Bag is just as good. Specifically designed to fit the maximum allowed cabin bag size on Ryanair, it also meets guidelines from British Airways, EasyJet, Etihad, Emirates, Delta, Jet2, Wizz Air and Virgin Atlantic. It, too, went viral on TikTok with users like Mypassporttohappy sharing videos on packing the bag, before heading on various holidays.

Pick up the popular underseat flight bag from Amazon now, compatible with various airline luggage policies. 

£15 at Amazon

It can fit 20L of luggage, whether that's for your prized electronics or beloved skincare routine. Inside, it has a lockable main compartment and a front zipped pocket for easy access to items like your passport and other travel documents, and it also features a length-adjustable shoulder strap.

A popular style among Amazon customers, it has over 8,000 reviews and has been described as a "good sturdy bag", as well as "amazing" and "works perfectly".

As an added bonus, it only costs £14.99, and is available in pink, black, blue, grey and red.

In both cases, each bag is perfect for taking on trips without the need to frantically worry whether you'll be charged extra for luggage.

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