Bernese Mountain Dog’s Adorable Stretch After a Nap Goes Viral


There's nothing better than taking a nap and waking up feeling relaxed and revived. Chevy is a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who loves taking her daily naps, and she has the most adorable way of waking up from one. Her mom shared a video of Chevy stretching after a nap on Tuesday, March 26th and it will brighten your day.

The video is only 10 seconds long, but it's 10 seconds of pure cuteness. Chevy is laying on the hardwood floor stretched out with feet in front of and beneath her. But it's not that she's stretched out that is so cute, it's the awkward way she's laying. It might take a few watches to figure it out, and make sure your sound is on so you can hear her thump!

Is that not adorable?! I wasn't the only one who thought Chevy's video was cute. Her cute little stretch went viral and has more than 7.5 million views, nearly 2 million likes, and thousands of comments, including one from Google, "This is what we mean when the calendar says "busy"." @Gilly Giirl_xo got nearly 45 thousand likes for her comment, "By Berner thuds are SOOOO LOUD!" and Chevy's mom replied, "They just throw their weight around LOL!" Another commenter got more than 86 thousand likes when she added, "The smack is impeccable!!"

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Bernese Mountain Dog Facts

I think that Bernese Mountain Dogs are absolutely adorable and would love to have one for myself. Even though they are very large dogs, they're one of the most docile dogs around. Another Pet Helpful article says, "This dog breed almost never bites the owner or a stranger. According to one study, they have a bite frequency index of 0 (compared to a breed that more commonly bites, like the Dachshund)." 

Because they don't bite, you may think that they wouldn't make a good guard dog, but they actually do. This is because they have a loud, deep, threatening bark, a serious face, and foreboding appearance. Adult males can grow up to 120 pounds, and if a stranger or burglar saw him, they'd probably run the other way!

These dogs have a thick, long coat that needs to be brushed regularly or it will get very matted. They shed a lot, and they drool even more...especially after eating and drinking. Check out this tip to help your dog avoid getting water all over your floors after drinking.

Berners, a nickname many owners give them, were bred to be working dogs and so they require a good amount of exercise each day. If they don't get it, they can be very destructive, a common boredom buster.

As with all dog breeds, there are good and bad that go with them. Make sure to do your research to determine if this breed would be a good fit for your family.

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