Beloved Duck Famous for 'Testing Drinks' on Social Media Sadly Passes Away

CC Gumpanat/Shutterstock

The internet's favorite duck has sadly passed. On April 1, social media star Krissy announced that her duck Munchkin, known for her viral drink taste tests, has died. The duck mama made the sweetest tribute to her little one online and people everywhere are writing in to pay their respects.

Saying goodbye is never easy. But the love between Krissy and her duck BFF was so real.

On her page, Krissy regularly shared snippets of life with Munchkin, as well as plenty of the those drink taste test videos that won over thousands of fans online.

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But sadly Muchkin's life was cut short. According to Krissy, Munchkin was born on May 8, 2017 and died on April 1, 2024. And while much isn't known about Munchkin's death, it's clear that Krissy is heartbroken.

"Munchkin passed away at the vet today," she wrote in the caption. "We tried our best. I don’t think there are words to accurately describe the sadness I am experiencing. I feel numb."

Right away, people in the comments section shared their condolences. "Fly high Munchkin. May there be endless water cups for you," wrote one person. "I’m so sorry, Munchkin was so lucky to be loved by you," someone else chimed in. "I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve never cried for a duck before. Munchkin was so special," a third person added.

Munchkin Had Health Issues in the Past

Unfortunately, the duck had been sick for a while. And it seems like Munchkin got worse recently. In an update video on March 24, Krissy explained that she first noticed there was something wrong with Munchkin when she opened up the coop one morning "and Munchkin didn't wanna come out."

She noticed that Munckin was pumping her tail up and down — a sign that birds give when an egg is stuck inside of them. Krissy brought the duck inside, but was only able to get Munchkin to the vet the next day. An X-ray revealed the confusing truth, there was no egg inside of Munchkin.

There were other worrying signs that something was wrong. Munchkin's heart rhythm was off. Her back was puffed up and they couldn't find her heart on any of the X-rays they took.

In another update video, Krissy wrote that they believed it was "congestive heart failure." However on March 22, Krissy said that Munchkin's vet believed that this might not be the case. They thought that perhaps Munchkin had a tumor on her ovary and was going through "henopause." Another video on March 30 confirmed that Munchkin didn't have a heart issue. However it seemed more and more likely that she had a reproductive infection or a tumor. At that point, many of Munchkin's options of treatment seemed risky. And while it's not known how the duck died, only three days later she passed.

Krissy ended her recent tribute with the sweetest words about her beloved pet: "If love could have saved her, she would’ve lived forever."

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