Beagle Mom Highlights All the Ways Pet Parents Unknowingly Hurt Dogs Feelings

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Because dogs are so loving, we sometimes take their affection for granted. They care for us no matter what, right? It's true that dogs see us as the apple of their eye, but that doesn't mean they aren't sensitive. A new video online is showing the many ways that dog's can get their feelings hurt — and it's something that every pet owner needs to see.

The important message was spread by the Rumi the Beagle TikTok account.

Typically the account showcases the adorable Beagle pup, Rumi. But a recent video on the page took a more serious tone for a good cause.

"Five things that could be hurting your dog's feelings," the onscreen caption reads. Some of these factors might seem totally innocent. Like not establishing a routine. You might believe that dogs would feel better without the stress of having to be somewhere at a certain time, but in fact the opposite is true.

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"Dogs feel more at ease and relaxed when they have a sense of structure and stability, especially with basic needs like food and exercise," the video explained.

There are many more examples featured in the footage and many people in the comments section agreed that the list was right on the money. "Now I feel super guilty. Fine I’ll let him sniff every blade of grass tomorrow!" one commenter wrote. "I would never yell at my dog. I've never raised my voice around her, she's never even seen me frustrated once," a second person added. "If we accidentally alter our Beagle's routine in any way, we will hear about it," a third person joked. "My dogs are my life. Pretty sure I’m on their schedule! Just kidding, but we are very [into our] routine! And they love it!" someone else exclaimed.

Signs Your Dog Is Depressed

Dogs are pretty clear with their feelings. So if it seems like something has gotten under their skin it probably has. Here are just a few signs that something is off with your pupper. It might even mean that your dog is depressed. 

A loss of appetite can be a huge sign that something is wrong. As is a loss of interest in things that your dog used to love, like going for walks or playing.

A clingy dog might be a sign of an unhappy dog. If they start to become withdrawn or grow distant that can be a warning sign too.

If your dog grows more destructive, has more frequent accidents, is more irritable, or has a change in their sleep pattern, this can also be concerning.

If your dog is exhibiting several of these signs it might be worth it to speak with your veterinarian. They can help you find the root of the problem and come up with a plan to get them feeling better again.

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