Basset Hounds Teach Golden Retriever to Use Doggy Door Like a Couple of Pros

CC Dmussman/Shutterstock

Is your pup a doggy door pup or do they saunter through the front door? That is the question. If you don't have the luxury of a doggy door at your home the whole concept can be sort of baffling — to your dog that is. Just take a look at a video of a Golden Retriever learning all about them for the first time by its Basset Hound cousins.

Hounds Goose and Georgie had their work cut out for them when their fur-cousin Anya came for a visit.

Anya got the lesson of a lifetime from the two Basset Hounds in the video posted online. The Golden Retriever was confused when she noticed that Goose and Georgie had magically gotten themselves outside. How'd they do that?! Thankfully, the two Hounds are generous with their secrets and were willing to show Anya exactly how the dog door worked. It took a few tries but the dog finally figured out the method. Ta-da! Now Anya could go outside anytime she wanted.

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The lesson had people in the comments section cheering. "That was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time," wrote one person. "They were sooo patient! You can't tell me animals don't have the purest souls," someone else added. "It’s adorable how patient they were showing Anya how to do it! And the way they all ran off together as soon as she made it through," a commenter gushed. "Such patient and sweet teachers," praised another person.

Training Your Dog to Use the Dog Door

Unfortunately, not all of us have a pair of pups ready and willing to give dog door lessons. So if you have to teach your dog how to use the opening all by yourself, here are some helpful hints.

The first step might seem obvious, but show your dog the doggy door. Make sure you give them a treat as you show off the entrance so that they'll have a positive association with it. Then encourage your dog to explore the flap. Reward them with any positive movement. Even if they simply sniff the door! You just want your dog to get comfortable with the door flap and to understand that it moves.

Now it's time to teach your dog to walk through the door. Hold it open and stand outside with treats or toys to lure your dog through. Once they get through the door, make sure you praise them and give them plenty of treats. Eventually you'll want to hold the door partially open so that your dog will understand that they'll have to push it open themselves. Keep practicing, each time lowering the flap and offering treats when your dog goes through. Soon they'll get the hang of it, just don't leave them alone until they're comfortable — they might get stuck! The key here is patience. Soon your dog will be able to get in and out of the house with ease.

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