Baby Giraffe at Houston Zoo Runs with Excitement Upon Seeing Human Child

CC Rudi Hulshof/Shutterstock

A viral video might just convince you to plan your next trip to the zoo. A family at the Houston Zoo in Texas had the visit of a lifetime, after one of the baby Masai Giraffes gave them some special attention. And the reason why is just so sweet.

We can only imagine the stories that were told after the recent visit.

As a clip from one zoo visitor (@usernamelotus2) shows, it started off as your typical day at the giraffe enclosure. The baby giraffe was hanging around with some of the older animals when something off-camera caught its eye.

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The animal then sprinted over to the glass partition that separated it from zoo guests. And when the camera panned over it showed what all the fuss was about — a dad visiting the zoo had lifted his son's stroller up so he could see. The baby giraffe was fascinated! It must've seen another baby (albeit a human one) and wanted to get a good look!

The footage was just the sweetest thing. The two babies found each other! And people in the comments section were sort of obsessed. "Not going to lie I thought it was going to be another baby giraffe, so cute though," one commenter joked. "The dad looks excited the baby giraffe went running to see his child," someone else pointed out. "The giraffe needs a playdate," a third commenter urged. "The way he held his baby up to the window, dad's winning," chimed in another person.

The Zoo Welcomed Baby Tino in May

Little Tino is a new addition to the giraffe family at the Houston Zoo. Born in late June, the zoo announced the calf's birth in May and explained he was born to mama Kamili.

The zoo wrote that despite knowing that 9-year-old Kamili was pregnant with the calf, "the exact delivery date for her approximately 14-month gestation remained a mystery."

When Tino finally did arrive, he weighed a hefty 160 lbs. and stood at 6 feet tall. It's hard to believe that an infant could be taller than most adult humans, but it's true! And what's more amazing is that Tino will only get bigger as he ages.

"As he matures, Tino could reach a height nearly matching or surpassing his 16-foot-tall father, six-year-old Zawadi," the zoo explained.

But for now, Tino remains just an infant. One who clearly wants to meet other littles, so we guess these two do need to schedule a playdate — ASAP.

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