Australian Kelpie Has a Case of ‘Happy Tail’ After Running Into His Dog Walker on the Street

CC Lisjatina/Shutterstock

Even better than simply knowing a dog is being a dog's favorite person. And it's always clear who those people are. Like an Australian Kelpie and her owner who ran into her dog walker while out on a walk recently. Let's just say that his man probably has being the favorite in the bag.

The video from PK's Pack shows the dog stopping dead in her tracks when she realized who was ahead of them during their walk.

The man walked right over to them, causing the Australian Kelpie to drop into play pose and then hop up when he got close enough. She was so happy! She couldn't stop jumping and making sweet little happy noises as he came over and gave her some pets. You know she absolutely loves him — and the feeling is surely mutual too.

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"Those bum wiggles," the video's caption reads.

This is clearly a great dog walker. People in the comments section thought so too. "Dog: I'm going for a walk during a walk?!" joked one person. "The best review the dog walker could ever get," someone else teased. "You know that’s a good man when the dog acts like that," a third person agreed. "It’s so reassuring to see that your dog really likes the person you’re trusting to take care of him/her," another commenter pointed out.

How to Find a Good Dog Walker

We all wish our dogs would love their dog walkers as much as this Kelpie does. So how do you find a good walker? There are lots of tips and tricks. Here are just a few ways to suss out the best walker for your precious pup.

First think about the kind of walker you'll need. Is your dog high-energy and will need long walks to get it all out? Or will a short stroll around the neighborhood do? Puppies might need several walks throughout the day, while bigger dogs might need long walks with spurts of running spread throughout.

You'll also want to know if your dog is more into a solo walk or would be comfortable walking with a group. Or if they'd want some off-leash time or are happier staying tethered.

Now to the hard part: finding the right dog walker. Apps are a great way to connect with lots of dog walkers in the area. You can also friends and family members for recommendation. If your dog only needs easy and light walks, a child in the neighborhood might be a good choice. Or you can go to a professional dog walker who will know every trick in the book and will be able to give your dog individual love and care.

Have patience! It might take some time to find the right person, but once you do it'll be so worth it.

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